Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 1 July 2020)

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At Curiosum there is space for the curious to ask questions about science and technology for all ages. Together we can learn and explore science and technology hands-on. In our new high-tech planetarium, you can travel to places so far away that you may never reach them on your own. You can explore big and small in our exhibitions and build exciting and useful things using digital methods in our well-equipped workshops.


Curiosum's planetarium is taking shape

In the planetarium, we can travel through space together to places you never thought you could reach. On the 360-degree surrounding display, we also show films and performances that give new perspectives on our world.


How realistic can it be?

Digital special effects are used to create astonishing and realistic experiences in movies and computer games. But how are the different effects created? How real or unreal can they be? These are questions that we will explore together with our visitors.


Everyone can be a maker

In Curiosum's FabLab, anyone can learn to build (almost) anything! Learn how to handle 3D printers, knitting machines and laser cutters. Immerse yourself in 3D modelling and digitally generated embroidery. FabLab is an open, welcoming environment full of opportunities. We learn from each other and are driven by creative desire and curiosity in a true maker spirit.