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Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or if you would like to discuss collaborations.


Alexandra Björnham

I am a project leader at Curiosum science centre and responsible for coordinating Curiosum as a visitor centre.

Bastien Erpelding

I am dome theatre coordinator at Curiosum science center. 

Christoffer Billman
Elliot From Heikkilä
Emelie Keskitalo
Emmy Lindgren
Eva Lönn

I am responsible for Curiosum´s external communication

Gabrielle Beans Picón

Deputy director at Curiosum, Senior research engineer at the integrated science lab ( 

Ilse Olsson
Ingrid Söderbergh

I am a Research Communications Officer at the Faculty of Science and Technology and at the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå university. Contact me if you have press questions.

Jonas Olsson

I am project manager for exhibitions at Curiosum.

Lars Isaksson

I work as a research engineer at Curiosum.

Linus Andersson

I'm a docent in psychology, studying environmental intolerances and human judgment processes. I'm a teacher, and the deputy director at Umeå's science center Curiosum.

Madelen Bodin

I am the director of Curiosum, a new science center for learning and communicating science and technology. 

Magnus Lindgren

I work as a research engineer at Curiosum, where I am responsible for both workshops and its manufacturing techniques. I also do training in the workshops.

Mika Sinclair
Nova Halldal
Reiko Iwaoka
Stefan Johansson

Reserach fellow at the Department of Computing Science and Curiosum.

Sven-Erik Hilberer

I work with technical equipment, IT and system management-related matters.

Thomas Kling